About Stefanie 


Owner & Professional Organiser


“Stefanie by nature is a service to others”….. 

Some of Stefanie’s earliest memories are helping her Mum arranging furniture, designing new interior layouts in her family home. She was passionate about decorating her own bedroom at just 16 years old.

Stefanie is visually minded and has a keen eye for detail. She is very talented with her creative skills; always trying to find new ways of complimenting colours, repurposing items and organising.

She has always had a passion to be of service to others and now she is a professional organiser.

Before this she graduated degree level in Criminology (Arts Law and Social Sciences) she has 10 years experience within National Health, Mental Health and Social Care Services. All of her knowledge and expertise has given her the ability to apply her creative, problem solving, process and project management skills whilst providing one to one support to individuals in her care.

Stefanie by nature is a service to others.

“Nothing is perfect but we should try to strive for the best. If you can, everyday….”


Stefanie and her husband moved into her first owned property in 2016. Stefanie at 6.5 months pregnant had to meticulously orchestrate the move whilst on maternity leave and her husband only having limited time away from his job. With little help from friends and family because they lived overseas or 100 miles away.

Stefanie is now a proud Mum.

As a first time Mum, like any Mum, her worries became many; one of those were that she wouldn’t have any idea how to look after a little human. There was so much responsibility for her and her husband, she knew that this new chapter of her life would be hard. But with her life skills, she managed to create systems functional for her and her family lifestyle.

Stefanie is always committed to help people out there, who like her, may have had a difficult time juggling life’s daily responsibilities. 

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