About Me 



Good to see you

My name is Stefanie

Some of my earliest memories are helping my Mum with arranging furniture, designing a new layout for our family living room. Decorating my own bedroom with new designs and falling in love with creating new ways of complimenting colours, organising my beauty products, clothes etc.

No matter what family member I would visit they would always say how clean and tidy I was or helpful with chores. At just 13 I would do ironing for my Grandparents and had a little pocket money for added bonus of helping tidy around the home.

I’m very creative and visually minded individual who likes to organise organise organise.I have always been a giver and to be of service to others. I’m a creative problem solver with a background in Social Care and Community Development.

Now I am Mum of one little gorgeous toddler.

As a first time Mum that had no idea how to look after a little human. I knew that this new chapter of my life would be hard. But my personality, focus, drive made me create systems to manage my home and lifestyle.

I’m here to guide and support anyone that is in the similar  situation as me. To let you know it’s OK and you’ll be just fine!


My Butterfly Affect covers Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire boarders,  UK.

My packages of awesomeness GoldSilver and Bronze packages are tailored hands on help.  Committing to create an advice and hands on service for people  out there, who like me, who may have had a difficult time juggling life’s daily chores and commitments*.

From meal preparing advice to decluttering and organising your rooms, closets, office administration. To last minute shopping service for the nursery. To just lifestyle support and advice to help empower you or your family to create Harmony, Simplicity and Happiness in your home.


*Appointment based, one to one holistic, project led programmes to really make a difference in Mums life and families. (Sourced Images:Pinterest)