A New Direction! 🤩

Taking a new direction in my life to do a career that I love pro organising is the best thing I could have done.

Professionally my career path started with obtaining a degree in Criminology at 22yrs of age worked within Health and Mental Health services and worked for the local government in Social Care services.

I mention this because all through this chapter of my journey I thought that it was the right path for me to have these kind of jobs and I thought that high pressurised environments and stress was all part and parcel of improving my career path. But I just saw colleagues and others just get burnt out quickly. Which became uncomfortable to see them go through it.

I have found out that I am a HSP a Highly Sensitive Person (I would just search this topic). So doing this work was generating a few sensible questions about the direction I wanted to take my life.

I had my 30th birthday and then shortly after I became a Mum !!! This blessing was all that I needed to completely shift gear and my pattern of thinking in my head! I have learnt that I need to do something I am passionate about that my son will see me happy doing!

Yes times are tough with raising an infant, managing a household, but part of my journey has been finding ways in producing practical, functional ways to manage this which has been perfect 👌 to teach others! I have developed skills I would never have dreamed of if I continued to work in my past industry.

I have built this website you are reading from, with little to no software skills. I can also make videos! And absorbing more and more information each day, I love to read I love that I have a purpose that suits me and not putting myself in position that doesn’t sit well with my spirit! ( as I am very in tune with myself)

So everyone do you passion no matter what it is big or small, it all started for me just doing these blogs and now spiralled into my business, producing content meeting great people and experiencing something new practically everyday!!!

Enjoy your day!!!


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