Part II Wisdom Step By Step Toothbrush 0-2 years Product Review (After 12 Days)✨

After 12 days as promised I wanted to give a honest review about Wisdom Step by Step Toothbrush 0-2years this product and I now feel that I can!

Price £1.55 with free UK 🇬🇧 delivery. But I am sure of you have a look around on the internet there are cheaper options. I did purchase mine from Amazon because I needed it pronto.

On opening, the packaging was a bit tough and fiddly but generally all packaging for toothbrushes are the same in my opinion.

The feel is very hard plastic smells of it too but with any toothbrush I ALWAYS rinse first…. Anyway the base of the handle is shaped with cool 😎 ridges (which almost looks like the shape of an infants gums oddly enough (or is this just my baby brain, lack of sleep warped mind?) so as you can see in the picture it’s a perfect grip for my son to hold with his beautiful tiny hands (aww). The only colour I could purchase is the yellow and red which are of course child like colours that- keeps my little one interested guess.

The main part that I fuss about all the time with toothbrushes are the bristles. My son had another brand to this one Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothbrush which was ok but my baby has a habit of chewing on the bristles then kinda pulling the bristles with his teeth (I know I know!!!) inevitably damaging it i.e the bristle hairs end up in his mouth 🤦🏽‍♀️. So I was slightly worried that the wear and tear of the toothbrush?

However with the Wisdom Step by Step Toothbrush it is really durable and looks and feels like a better design. Bristles are even well structured and a pure joy to see our son learning to brush his own teeth. Yes it’s a pain for poor mamma to get her son to brush his pearly whites most days. Along with getting babies to rinse???!!! All he wants to do is eat it , nom nom nom😋 But with a routine it’s so important to educate about good dental hygiene as we are our little ones examples!

So yes I would recommend you having your little one try one of these and let me know your experience!

Peaceand 💕