Product Review Wisdom Toothbrush 0-2 coming soon…

Product Review

Just purchased these from Amazon they have received good reviews. I’m getting a bit fed up of having to constantly change my sons toothbrushes because the bristles are way too hard! He started teething when he was only 4 months so yes we were under the impression it was something else going on because it was so early! And he got his first tooth shortly after that so I have been experimenting with so many different products to help with his teething.

Perhaps if anyone is interested I could do a review on them too.

But for now I just wanted to show you the product before it’s opened so that I can review it after a couple of weeks use!

The reason why I purchased 2 is because my son loves to hold one at the same time as me brushing his teeth. A very useful distraction.

Peace and Love πŸ’—