Dealing with a Baby/Toddler Sickness

Well for the last few weeks it’s been an eye opener. How to deal with a babies sickness requires a lot of strength determination patience and lots of preparation. I guess it can’t go either two ways let the house go to pot and let it be a free for all and live in disaster conditions or just take each day as it comes and hope for the best. Well it was a mixture of both as you know I am a first time mamma and I really didn’t have a clue how to handle this situation. I honestly had to just trust my instincts god, the universe everything! I have never used so many antibacterial wipes, Milton, kitchen towels, floor wipes in my life. !!I tell ya!!

I mean I started to get paranoid that our little one would catch more germs around the home if I didn’t clean enough. Now OCD is a very serious condition and I haven’t been diagnosed with the condition but I have read a number of articles where it becomes almost obsessive to make sure the home is clean and germ free when you have a child.

So anyway I can’t think of the last time in three weeks I have really relaxed (as if I do anyway but you know what I mean). I really commend mothers that are a lot more experienced than me dealing with sickness because to be honest since now our little one is getting better I have developed into overprotective mummy mode!!

With all my new found wisdom I thought it would be a good idea to give you a few little hacks how to deal with baby/toddler sickness around the house.

  • Have lots of kitchen roll

Honestly no lie we used about 20 rolls yes a know I am usually very conscious about how many trees have been killed etc but needs must so you can catch the germs and bin them! I advise not to throw into the toilet as you’ll block it up and that’ll be another “to do list” item. Kitchen roll is good for the quick spills wiping down the high chair etc.

  • Have lots of antibacterial wipes

Wipes are essential if your a mum we really don’t have the time to be scrubbing the floors and bathrooms when you have a little one tugging at your legs or making your ears ring from all the yelling. A quick wipe of the surfaces handle switches anything that collects grubby little ones hand prints gets the antibacterial treatment. And of course I do a deep clean but this is designated when the hubby is able to chip in with looking after the little one. I even use them in the car for a quick wipe of the cup holders or the baby seat or pushchair but please read the instructions on the back of the packet as some materials could be damaged.

  • Get yourself some Dettol Antibacterial Spray (which can spray onto furniture floors carpets door handles switches -always read the instructions)

This is an amazing invention honestly it so great to use. It really gave a me a peace of mind that no nasties where in the air or remaining on the furniture. I used it on the mattresses the carpets again be careful as it could damage some surfaces. My way is to spray the infected area and let it air dry before use. There are a couple of different scents and well worth it.

  • Disposable gloves

Quite self explanatory it is always best to reduce the amount of germs spreading around when there is sickness in the household. Also have a thought for others and be a decent human being don’t “share the wealth” so to speak I’m sure everyone else doesn’t want the germies (I know that’s not even a word but I like it so I am keeping it in).

  • Trash bags

I found that trash bags or bin bags are best just dotted around the house I.e hanging off the door knobs so you have quick access to throw dirty items in bag it up and throw away. Also if you can double bag bins or the small bathroom bins it saves time as you always have a spare bag in there already! Make sure they are strong ones for the main trash bins because from my experience holes and dripping food waste really isn’t a pleasure to clean up when you already are cleaning baby poop and runny noses all day!

  • Snacks

A must if you ask me have a station around the house when you’re tending to baby keep supplies and fluids available. Also best if you have a toddler make up some drinks or juices for the day and snacks in the fridge so you can grab them instead spending time trying to juggle. Get the partner, relative or spouse to help prepare. If you haven’t got anyone to support then try and do it when baby is napping I know it’s time consuming but your future self will love you for it when you out of energy at the end of the day.

  • Access to online grocery or last minute shopping

This is something that in modern times the best invention because you don’t need to even leave the bed to order your shopping. (Well perhaps when it delivers) Grab your shopping list you can create one online and save it for future use. You can even do multiples for different situations. Amazon subscribe and save is a service where you can set up each month your essentials and you can get some great deals! Also have a look at Amazon Pantry.

  • A working mobile or house phone

Well from my experience I was without a reliable phone for nearly two weeks. My phone didn’t charge without using a wireless pad then the wireless pad didn’t work!! The huge frustration wasn’t a joke. So as my husband has the same phone we took it in turn charging each battery until I purchased another one. A side note Sky Mobile gave me a great package deal unlimited calls and texts for free as long as you are sky customer.


  • Changing Pads or Puppy Pads (they are both the same- puppy pads are generally cheaper)

Highly recommend these are absorbing sheets with a water resistant backing you can place on a changing mat or under the baby bedding as extra protection against “accidents”. I used to purchase the baby brand of pads but now I get puppy pads far cheaper . EBay are pretty good.


  • Clear your calendar

I must say that it if you keep a diary or even an electronic one then it’s a good idea to clear your appointments playgroups or play dates because no one will appreciate getting nasties from you or baby especially on the winter season. In then UK there there is always a high rise of flu colds etc but common sense is to keep clean and keep yourself contained until no longer infectious. Also clearing your diary gives you much cuddle time with your little gorgeousness.


  • BONUS Stock up on Youtube videos (ie watch later or create a watch list) or just catch up tv, box sets

Yes yes and yes come on let’s set the scene comfies on those unmentionable attire you wear when no one can see you. Get that face mask on and whilst tending to your little one at least you can either listen to an audiobook with Bluetooth headphones or just have it in the background for company and sanity after the umpteenth time wiping the snotty nose from your baby and your  clothes!

So there you are ladies and gentlemen hope this helps some of you!

Happy parenting!!!

Peace and love