Bedtime Bing and Owly ♡

The agonising 4am feed, with a 12 month old it is the battle of sleeping with boob or sleeping without it. Mum doesn’t mind nursing at this time as he does get the best nutrients but I can’t be a constant pacifier. You know that feeling Mums out there it’s a struggle to keep awake at this time of night. So when you add into the mix  a baby that just doesn’t give a no for an answer I’m unlatching him several times and unclawing his nails from my breasts praying that this time he’ll settle.

Well… after a toddler melt down so the whole neighbourhood can hear. He decided to sleep  at the bottom of our bed by my feet clutching onto “Owly” it’s an awesome nightlight that has lovely light lullaby sounds including the themed tune to Cbeebies Bing I purchased mine from Tesco on special offer the retail price is£28.00

There are a couple of different  modes with music and lights and just music and with just the lighting. The nightlight subtly changes different colours. The light isn’t offensive it’s very calming for my little one and also for us.

Usually when our little baby boy is asleep I will turn Owly off all you need to do is either firmly push down or use the off switch underneath the nightlight owl. Or the Owly is timed and will turn it’s self off after the allotted time a baby goes to sleep.

My baby boy loves the pair we take it most places and he drops it a lot of the time so I pop it in the washing machine and spin a couple of times to get rid of the excess water and hang it to dry. It’s very durable.

The set is really a life saver! Especially at the moment he is going through a major growth spurt and his back molars are coming through. A melt down every 5 minutes it seems no matter what day or time of night. This would be a lovely  gift for someone as Christmas is around the corner!!! (Noooooo….. headache alert!!)

Really its great to try and settle the little one with the calming music and light changes it also provides a distraction  so you can give your poor boobs a rest.

Night all !!

Peace and Love


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