#Mumlife Wilkinson Dishwasher  Gel All in 1 A Must here’s why!!!….

Fantastic Fantastic  Fantastic Wilko all in 1 dishwasher gel !!! Forget those marigolds and being stuck at the kitchen sink…

I’ve got a Bosch Dishwasher in my humble opinion  I feel this is a must have when you are a Mum. It cuts out so much time being in the Kitchen standing at the sink. When you can grab that extra time.

We all know that we don’t just nap when the baby naps we have to bloody catch up on the chores that –  food explosion left on the dining  room table (or even  off the floor)…. My morning consists of grabbing a decaff coffee because I need the placebo effect that I’m drinking real coffee (a proud breastfeeding Mum may I add) . A 5 minute shower, putting drying on, washing on, whilst in between  checking if my son is still alive in his crib (yes I may be overreacting as he is 1 years old but come  on the worry never goes away. We may pretend to others but it’s only because we are so in love with our creation). ….Then throwing something on usually the most unflattering item in my wardrobe and out of date in the fashion world (to be fair I’ve never been with the times. All I am thinking about is having quick access to nurse so my baby  is doesn’t go turbo on me).

Bleurghhhhh ….Wiping the bathrooms quickly, the floors (because we have a “crawler”), wiping the kitchen sides down because preparing breakfast in the kitchen is like if you were in the last hours on earth that apocalyptic moment the scene  in films where you grab and hog what you can, praying what you got is sustenance…. but you just dont care!….  Every man for himself!!

So this is the reason why after the massacre I thank the universe for our beautiful, trustworthy beast of a dishwasher….. I have no time to waste #mumlife.

I feel although I am a very clean person and organised I do these unforgiving chores because of the satisfaction  it brings me and how it helps “my future self”.

Because that’s what it’s about ……right? It also provides me with that quality time I get with my baby boy when he wakes up from his nap.

So this Wilkinson 2 in 1 product is the bees knees I don’t have to think know about adding separate rinse aid, salt it’s all together a gel substance that goes directly into the tablet compartment.

I felt buying the most expensive all in one tablets like Finish or Fairy were not taking away the residue or even the cheap powder tablets purchased from Lidl were doing the trick . I’m definately not sponsored to promote any products that I talk about on here it’s just the love of sharing.

The dishwasher gel leaves our plates glasses so sparkling I’m in  heaven!! For only £2.50 for a 625ml bottle it lasts us just over 1 month. It’s a bargain I’ve stocked up for a couple of months now. Especially  as Christmas  is just around the corner.

Peace and Love xoxo