PMS Baby Blues Or PND?

PMS Baby Blues Or Post Natal Depression?

Who knows?

Why do women have all these labels once we become a Mom? How about “life struggles” or this woman is carrying the world to get by!  Society has this way of  labelling humans  that don’t fit into the normal of A perfect housewife,Yummy Mummy blah blah blah ! 

What annoys me is that we Women are the superheroes of this world. Super at everything we don’t have guidebooks (well we do but most of them are so unreal  to your own  situation) most Moms didn’t  even have a stable upbringing to be shown this is how you tackle the tough bits and this is how you ought to live your life. But we find a way how is that? 

I used to think that my mental health wasn’t that important to take care of . That it’ll sort itself out once my baby got to a certain age it’ll get easier then I can start looking after to me again . How wrong is that way of thinking… please please don’t leave yourself last you are so important. Factor in sometime for yourself and your sanity from the get go. Oh and it doesn’t matter if people judge just smile sweetly and do your own thing anyway! Your  future self will thank you for it. 

Life is a struggle and there is no easier way sometimes you have to walk on through that darkness into the light. Kindness to you first, falling madly in love with you is a  necessity not a selfish act then you can be a service to others. 

Peace and ❤