Product of the year for me is the E-cloth cleaning range:

  • Glass
  • Kitchen
  • All Purpose

Purchased from Amazon (see link here) for household cloths they are a little bit more expensive however  well with it. They’ve won awards from Goodhouse Keeping as the most essential  cleaning item.
With a little bubba around I wanted  to  reduce the amount of chemicals that I clean with. The Kitchen E-Cloth (see link here) can reduce 99%  of the nasty germs in your homrme without  using chemicals.

They are quite big and highly  absorbant with little pockets that hold up any spills (that cold cuppa or fruit juice that’s been spilled on the floor or couch for the umpteenth time!).

With each pack there is a cloth where you add just water and a cloth to dry for a streak free finish. Gone are those countless minutes of using those yellow lint ridden polish cloths and window glass cleaner to get that squeaky clean shine. These really do the trick.  So when  that unexpected  guest is about to turn up at least you will be able to do a quick clean hassle free! They’ll think you’ve been cleaning for hours!

The only draw back is you need to find somewhere in your kitchen where you can hang them up to air dry (like in my pic) this is where germs can start to harbour if you fold them up!

Oh and  a little tip if you want to give them a wash use a little amount of detergent or Dettol bacterial cleanser in a hot wash. Don’t use conditioner as it will coat the cloth and not work so well.

There are a few E-Cloths out there but these ones mentioned are what works for me in my home and my family.

Purchase one today!! Give it a try

Peace and Happiness