What’s going on?

Another mad day but what happens when all the tasks are your  responsibility. Give up? Cry? Hide yourself  in a dark room for hours on end?

Not me! Some how I manage through  all the chaos to push on with it. How on earth do we manage as women  to continue being  a  wife mother and ourselves. I ask this question every minute of everyday. Why is it that we have to fight for our own space or time for ourselves when our spouses or significant  others can do what the hell they want and when they want.

Daily my “baby brain” is filled with what do I need to do next and when and what time. Sometimes not even eating… ?! I mean before I was a Mom I thought I had no time. How niaeve was I?

I live in a house where I  am entertained daily by Cbeebies and very noisy baby toys. To the point I know every tune and think how sad  am I? There is also that conflict of am I being a good Mom today or what can I do better. Some days I am so on form thanks to YouTube and Google. Other days I feel like Ive been  hit by a bus with emotions of guilt and sadness. Hormones are not a laughing  matter!

Being an organiser has its plus and negatives. That means I  can never relax always seeking the next project. I now know that this is  a skill that I embrace now. I love it! Staging my home finding  what furniture and set pieces go together fills me with pure happiness.  Sometimes though there isn’t an off button.

Here are my top tips  to love your home and harmonise your life so you don’t feel overloaded.

1. Give up the idea decluttering and  organising your home in one go with children

2. Set small goals each day I. E. Tackle that mountain  of washing shoved in your closet, under the bed

3. Don’t feel pressured to always be the perfect wife mom and don’t beat yourself up if you want to have a couch day (baby permitting)

4. Always think of  ways that will help your “future self” I.e pack that bag the night before, set your clothes out, put the washing machine on overnight. Anything!!!

5. Sounds a bit lazy but I no longer iron my clothes I heavily rely on the dryer and taking our clothes out as soon as they are dry and folding them. It really works!!

6. Save save save save … oh and save ..  Your maternity pay doesn’t stretch very far when you have babies to look after and always leave a little to at least treat yourself at the end of the month. Your Husband and your baby will thank you for it!! You’ll be less stressed and pleasant  to be around. At least that’s what my hubby says..

7. Create a routine that suits you and your spouse or significant  other. Don’t follow the books what your Mom says your friend anyone, your gut instincts are there for a reason. I’m quite in tune with my little bubba and when you know you just know.

8. Think about how you  want to live your life in the now. Try not to beat yourself up with what happened  yesterday if you had a crappie day. It’s all about taking the best of what you have and rolling with it. You are unique for a reason.

9. Organise your Kitchen sounds random but you spend most of your time in the Kitchen. Baby food preparation washing dishes making a drink etc etc. I found it gave me a headache everyday not being able to grab  things quickly or in an emergency. It’s doesnt have to be a massive chore make it fun have a vino or treat yourself after you’ve done it.

10. Love wins… it conquers all.. honestly  be intune with your family, be kind to them and  it’ll  always be  a  beautiful environment for your baby to grow up in. Take that 10 mins our find a way to release that stress then your family will thrive through the bad times and the good with you as the rock and foundation.


Love and peace to you